Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Official!

Beckett's Qualifying scores are now recorded on the Agility Association of Canada's trial results web page.

Last weekend, we did another fun trial. We were late due to an accident with injuries that closed the highway. A trip that normally takes about 45 minutes when the traffic is light took nearly two hours trying to get past the part of the highway that was shut down. 

I didn't get any video of Beckett's Standard runs but he did very well except on weaves. He has taken to popping out anywhere between the 6th and 10th poles. He also does not want to do off-side weaves at all.  I can't wait until we can get back outside as there is no room in my basement for 12 weaves with or even without an obstacle. 

The game at this fun trial was Steeplechase. I asked a friend to run the first Steeplechase. I figured it would be a good thing if he would run for someone else; that might come in handy in the future.  Well, we found out Beckett is a Momma's boy. He would only go so far without his Mom before he came racing back. We'll try it again sometime but I'll get a third person to video so I can be in the ring until he gets use to the idea.

On the second Steeplechase run, you can see the issue with the weaves. He also misses the green tunnel, which he had done the first time round too. I probably needed to false turn just to check him in a bit but it seemed like quite a nice line when I walked it. Beckett does read my rear crosses really nicely.

Next month, we have a fun trial, then two official trials so weekends in March will be busy.

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  1. Sounds like a good day .. and so smart of you to try letting him run with someone else ... Brody never used to even consider it - he might be willing now - especially if the person was carrying a steak :) I should try it again .. and Sally ... I don't think anybody would run Sally :) (Thea would absolutely not run I'm quite sure.. in fact I don't think I'd even try it with her)


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