Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Playground and a New Friend

Yesterday, it was sunny and warm; just a beautiful winter day.  My neighbour, Julie is babysitting a six month old female Airedale Terrier named Teddy.  After lunch, I went over and asked if Teddy wanted to come over and play. The dogs had actually met the night before; Tucker was a grumpy old man but Teddy and Beckett seemed to hit it off. 

While we were waiting for them, Beckett and I played with his Frisbee. As usual, Tucker just barked and I think even that tired him out.

We were outside for nearly an hour and a half. Funny but I didn't take any pictures of Teddy, only some video of she and Beckett playing together. Things got just a little bit out of hand once or twice but nothing serious. Beckett always ended up on the bottom in the wrestling but it didn't seem he minded much as he always went back for more.  I should have taken pictures of the snowballs on him some were the size of baseballs.

The link above is to the same video on youtube, the quality is much better there. 

I sure wish I had half their energy. 


  1. Love seeing Beckett's little white feet going when they're wrestling!

  2. Fun stuff -- Beckett is so cute playing keep-away with his frisbee.

  3. Looks like someones have great fun :)


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