Saturday, February 5, 2011

Woe is Me...

Tucker can't or won't climb the stairs any more so at night I carry him up to bed. This is what happens nearly every morning when I go back upstairs to get dressed for work.  If I didn't bring him up to bed at night it would happen at about 2 am as well; it's not so funny at that time of night.



  1. Oh Helen, poor Tucker. Misty used to howl like that sometimes, it always made me think she had her paw stuck in something. They can be dramatic, can't they?

  2. I've never seen that side of Tucker -- howling! And Beckett joining in too. My guys have a good howling session once in a while too -- I try not to encourage it at home since the neighbours are so close, but it's fun to get a good howl going in the car :-)

    My next dog is going to be small enough that I can carry him/her up stairs when s/he's older. Lucy I could carry but Walter is just a few pounds too much for me.

  3. Brody sings whenever I leave him to go upstairs to feed cats or to the basement to feed rabbits .. ever gone long but long enough to knwo he thinks he has a tragic life too .... poor poor tucker :)

  4. Sara, yes they can be very dramatic. When Tucker was a puppy I used to call it "sleep howling". He would wake up from a nap and just start howling, calling his name didn't seem to have much of an effect, you had to touch him. And the funny thing was, usually he was just at the other end of the couch.

  5. It's so funny and cute when they howl or sing. Eva loves it but she only joins in when Mika starts it. Mika is the tenor in the neighbourhood as if he has the biggest lungs among all the dogs. Eva is the soprano and the sidekick of Mika : )


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