Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day - Part 2

Well, I wasn't sure I was going to get to my dental appointment; at 3:15 pm my street still hadn't been plowed.  Good thing, it's just a little crescent and once I was on the main streets things were fine.

Took a couple pictures out the back window. Most of the snow, well at least half, came down in the storm we had today. It's still snowing but it's only flurries now.  Before going to my dental appointment, I snowblowed the driveway, shovelled the deck and made trails in the backyard for the dogs. I just finished shovelling the driveway and front walk again. Tomorrow, I'll shovel the deck again.  
The view from my family room window.

Yes, I still have my Christmas lights on this little tree.

Can we come in, it's cold out here?


  1. Beautiful snow scenes! I bet the dogs love the snow but not the humans :)
    Have a safe journey to the dentist if you're going there.

  2. Everything looks so pretty.

    Hope you're done shoveling for the rest of the winter!

  3. Very pretty! I hope the dogs are enjoying it! Ludo is not keen on snow.


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