Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

Well, today is Ground Hog Day and we are having our first real storm of the winter. Hopefully, it will be the only storm of the winter.  I had taken today off work as I had medical and dental appointments booked so we got to sleep in. Later, I'll go out and do the driveway. My street is not plowed but the main street that I can see from the back bedroom windows seems to be alright. Good thing my dentist and doctor's offices aren't that far from home.

Last weekend, I took some pictures in the little park where I go to walk the dogs.  I'm not much of a photographer.  I took a few pictures of Beckett and Tucker and some of the snow on the trees and plants.



It's nice to have a park right at the end of my street. It's not an off-leash park but most people with smaller dogs do let them off leash. There is an off-leash park within walking distance of my house but for the most part the people who go there have larger dogs. Beckett has never been there yet as I don't think Tucker would have walked that far any more; it's about a 15 minute walk.

The next pictures are of Tucker and Beckett on the new playground structure the city installed.  It made for a colourful contrast to the white snow and grey sky.

I also took a few pictures of the snow on the plants and trees while my little camera does have a macro focus, I'm not much into composition, shutter and aperture speed but in any case I do like the way some of the pictures turned out.

This is the tree in my front yard. I just liked the way the red of the whirligigs stood out against the white and grey.

The rest of the pictures are taken in the park. I just liked the structure of the tree or plant with the capping of snow.

I'm not much of a winter person but it is a very beautiful season when it's not too cold.  Not looking forward to going out today but at least the wind is not howling so doing the driveway won't be too bad with the snowblower.

Here's wishing for an early spring.

Happy Ground Hog Day!!!


  1. Oh, it all looks a lot like here. I'm done with the snow. Ready for a thaw.

    Let's hope the groundhog is good to us thsi year.

  2. Snow storm sounds horrible. We hope all of you are safe and sound. Tucker and Beckett look happy in the colourful playground, it seems they had a good day despite all the snow and winds and coldness.


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