Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Agility Dog of Canada

At Dream Fields this past Saturday, Beckett got his Agility Dog of Canada (ADC) title for completing three Standard runs without any course or time faults.  We didn't get any video of this run. Getting people to take videos this weekend proved a little challenging. I guess some people have difficulty with technology. For this Standard run, the person who was videoing, using someoneelse's camera, zoomed in and then could not figure out how to zoom out, so all you could see in the video was the wall.

But oh well, we do have some video. Our first run of the day was Advanced Gamblers and it was the very first Advanced run of the day so Beckett and I had to be at Dream Field for 7 am in the morning. It was the beginning of a very long day.  I didn't go in with great expectations as it was Beckett's first Advanced run and the distance obstacle of the main gamble was the dog walk. There also was no mini gamble where you have the opportunity to gain double the points of the obstacles.  My plan was just to do a nice smooth course for him and see if I could get him out to the dog walk. He ran so well I ran out of things I had planned to do and we got a 35 point opening. When the buzzer sounded for the main gamble, I put him through the tunnel and called walk-it, he raced for the dog walk. I don't even think he glanced at me. He came back out to me on the line but when he scooted back and into the tunnel I knew we had it.

What made it really cool is that we were the first team in the event and I think we made it look easy. Beckett also got Best Run for mini Regular dogs and won a stuffed horse in addition to his Advanced Q and first place ribbons.

The person who took this gamble video couldn't have pressed the button all the way down to record. On my camera, half way down is "focus" and all the way down is "record"; it wasn't until the camera turned itself off that she realized she wasn't recording.  But as you see she caught the most important part.

We now had a really long wait as the Starters events didn't begin until 1:30pm.  Starter Jumpers was our next event.  No Q there, as Beckett missed the chute coming out of the tunnel and he stepped on the fabric of the chute while spinning around.  Next up was the Standard run that he did Q on. 

It wasn't pretty but it was all right for a Starters Q. Beckett didn't get his weave entry as they were off-side, then since I moved to do on-side weaves, he spun before the dog walk and spun before the table all of which will be faulted now in Advanced.  He did very well on the course after the table.  Beckett's next course was another Standard, you'd think he knew that he didn't need it. The little "brat" wouldn't lay down on the table. 

Our final run of the night was a Snooker run at 7pm in the evening; we did all of three obstacles before being whistled off. 

It was a long day and I was glad to get home to Tucker.  After getting unpacked and getting us all something to eat; it was off to bed for some well deserved sleep.


  1. Hey, once you guys are in Masters we can video each other again.

    Did you know the Russian word for brother is "brat"? I learned that in an introductory Russian course I took ages ago. It's the only part I remember -- for some reason it stuck with me.

    Speaking of brats -- some bratty moves in that Standard run for sure... Naughty Beckett!! :D

    Great photo of the two of you with his title ribbon.

  2. I've had some videos of grass, or zoomed in so far all you see is Oreo's nose! LOL.

    Becket did an awesome job and he is a joy to watch. I bet he will quickly become a crowd favorite!

    No wonder he didn't want to down on the table, he was in the middle of PLAYING! Geez.

  3. Wow, congratulations to Beckett! I bet he was a star there.

  4. oh CONGRATS - I doubt Sally will ever be an ADC :)

    that advanced gamble might have given me palpatations too - so glad you nailed it :)

  5. Helen, I think there's curse on your camera. Whoever touches it, forgets to record your runs...


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