Monday, March 7, 2011

March Fun Trial - Part 2

Here's the Advanced Gamblers that I did with Beckett at the fun trial. As I said I'm not sure if it would have counted as a Q as after the tunnel (marked with a 1 in a circle), he came back out to me rather than doing the dog walk. But he did the dog walk, tire, tunnel combination just perfectly; I never even called out the tire, just gave him his release word and called tunnel.  I saw quite a few dogs that I know are already in Advanced come back out to their handlers. 

He also had problems with the mini-gamble, the tunnel and A-frame combination marked with the 1 and 2 in squares. So one of the things we know we have to work on, is 180's coming out of a tunnel on to a piece of contact equipment. 

 In my second run on this course, I used the jumps leading up to the A-frame to get him up and over the frame to the tunnel. He didn't go up the first time, but I was able to send him back out the jump right before the A-frame from the line and that time he did do the A-frame and tunnel combination.  He still had the same issue with the tunnel before the dog walk but I could see already that he tried to correct when I told him to "walk-it".

He's a good boy, my little Beckett; even if he does still chew things he's not supposed to if I leave him loose when I go out.


  1. Great job! I think gambles are tough for the beginner dogs. Becket did wonderfully.

  2. Wow, you both did a great job!


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