Monday, March 14, 2011

Agility in Japan?

The devastation in Japan is just overwhelming to see. This photo taken as the tsunami was rushing in shows an agility field in the foreground; while agility is important in my life, I'm sure that for right now there are things in Japan that are much more important to people whose lifes' have been so dramatically changed forever.

I hope that the people of Japan have the resilience and strength to rebuild from this disaster. And that some day in the not too distant future, there will be an agility field in this community again.


  1. I saw a photo from Japan, and I thought I saw an A-Frame off to the side. Then thought, "You're seeing things Sara."

    Now, I realize I was correct, and it really was an A-Frame.

    I hope the Japanese people are able to rebuild their lives, and play with their dogs again very soon.

  2. It is so terrifying to see all the photos. I know this one really brought the events in Japan home to a number of people :( You expressed my thoughts beautifully here .. thank you.


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