Monday, March 14, 2011

Morning Star - March 2011- Day 1

Morning Star in Kingston, Ontario is one of my favourite places to trial, not only because it's a friendly place and you don't have to worry about the weather but also because I get to see my youngest sister and enjoy some wonderful meals made by my brother-in-law.

This past weekend, we went up for Saturday and Sunday. Beckett ran in three events each day. On Saturday, he ran in Starter Jumpers, Snooker and a Standard. I don't have video of the Jumpers but he finished a course that had a 43 second course time in 21.97 seconds. Good enough for a Q of course, but in the competitive height class Beckett is in, not good enough for first place. He was 0.05 seconds behind the dog who came in first.

Next up was the Snooker run. As Beckett had never run Snooker, I tried to make the course as flowing as I could with wide wraps so he wouldn't back jump. We did the number 5 obstacle ( a tunnel, tunnel, jump combination) twice and the number 3 obstacle twice before beginning the close.  I forgot the course for a split second, thinking for an instance that there was a jump between obstacle 4 and 5, but I recovered before Beckett had a chance to take any other obstacle. His first Snooker qualifying score and good enough for first place with 47 points and in under 55 seconds. 

The last event of the day was a Standard run, perhaps we'll post a video of that later.  He had a clean run but I insisted on 12 weaves so we were 1.71 seconds over time.  He was also slow coming down the A-frame.  The run was good enough for second place but we didn't take that ribbon, only the cookie.

Beckett's events were over early so I stayed around to see friends run before heading back to my sister's place. Dinner was lobster risotto in pastry shells with lemon asparagus, mmmm good and a nice way to finish up our first day at Morning Star.


  1. FABULOUS work - there is lots of time to get that standard q - I am so impressed that you stuck with your criteria :) Masters level LOOK out!!

  2. Yay!! Great job. You two look like you've been running courses together wayyyy longer than you actually have. A promising future for sure.

  3. Ohhhh, I want to go eat at your sister's house! Sounds deicious. I love lobster, and bet you get excellent lobster where you live. My first lobster I ever had was during a vacation in PEI. I was hooked immediately!

    Beckett did a fabulous job! COngrats on all your Q's!

  4. Beckett is doing really great, I'm not surprised! :) Sounds like a great day!


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