Thursday, March 17, 2011

Morning Star - Mar 2011 - Day 2

Sunday, Day Two at Morning Star saw Beckett entered in a Starter Gamblers and two Starter Standards. Unfortunately there's no video of his Gamblers run.

For the opening, I did chute, jump to dog walk to get down to the mini; if I had to do it over again, we would have done jump, jump, dog walk as Beckett was turning into me after the chute and did not see the jump. I did hope to get the mini gamble by sending him out from the dog walk but he wouldn't go so I ran the mini with him and then used the next jump to turn him back over the mini gamble; this time he did beautifully and I was able to send him away to the tunnel (actually I don't think I could have called him off the tunnel). Then we played on the teeter and tire until the buzzer went. I tried using the spread to get him into the main gamble tunnel but it didn't work as well as I thought it would.  A better option, that I saw people use, was just to run between the tire and the spread jump moving forward with the dog as they took the tunnel. Beckett did go back to the tunnel nicely the second time and getting him over the jump was no problem at all.  I didn't know if we got the gamble in time as, although there was electronic timing the buzzer had been set for mini-veteran dogs who had 26 seconds for the gamble, dogs Beckett's height only had 22 seconds. But, we did get the Gamble Q, our second with 80 points.  But again in the competitive 16" regular class, it was only good enough for second; a Jack Russell got a 92 point gamble.

Next up was our second Standard run, the less said about that the better. Beckett's evil twin came out to play and he jumped off the dog walk missing the contact and self-released himself from the teeter and A-frame. So with that, there went the chance of getting his Starter Standard title at Morning Star.  Our final run was another Standard. The first contact was the A-frame, since I had made the decision to retrain for running contacts on the A-frame, I saw no point asking for a two-on two-off contact so I let him run off and wasn't sure if he had hit the yellow.

Beckett gave me a little attitude at the weaves and didn't want to down on the table but the rest of his run was nice. He loves the wide open running. It was another Q and this time he placed third; 16" Regulars is going to be tough.

So we ended the weekend with 4 Q's, a move-up to Advanced Gamblers but no title yet, maybe this weekend.  Go Beckett Go!!!


  1. Drat, I just typed a comment then pressed a wrong button and it disappeared.

    In short: I don't know if Walter could have gotten that Gamble - dratted tunnel sends! :)

    Did I read that you're switching to running contacts? Cool. I like that Walter has a running a-frame due to his build, but he keeps a 2o2o dogwalk. It is more fun not having to stop, though.

  2. Beckett is a really cool agility dog! Good luck this weekend. I bet you two are going to do well!

  3. fabulous!!
    Brody would NOT do that gamble either Lisa ;)
    well at least I think I'd be cursed soundly

    I love the courses - I plan my own way around them so thanks so much for posting them and congrats on the successes :)


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