Sunday, April 15, 2012

Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada

Beckett was the man this weekend. We only got one Q but we got the one that counted: Masters Jumpers. That was his fourth Masters Jumpers Q which gives him the title Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada (MJDC).

He had an excellent run in Steeplechase but his Mum blew it for him. I had planned to rear cross or front cross the weaves as there was just one last obstacle, a jump after the weaves but on the other side. As I walked the course, I didn't think I could get the front cross in so I decided to rear cross since weaves are judged at Starters level and we would only lose time if he popped out. Well, what did I do but stayed on the off side of the weaves and tried to get Beckett to turn out away from me for the jump. He went by the plane of the jump and back-jumped before taking it. He's fast but not fast enough to make up 10 faults.

Standards were the same old story, one elimination and one five fault Standard. Oh well, we are bound to get there sometime. Gambles, well, we had good openings and he did do the first obstacle of each Gamble but he just won't send out, something to practice on now that our equipment is outside.

In his Jumpers run, I couldn't believe he was moving so fast that he nearly took the decoy jump back in the corner. I had to call him off hard, someone said it was good call-off and I recalled Susan Garrett saying, there's no such thing as a good call-off. It means you didn't handle it properly. Then we very nearly had a bobble between obstacle 13 and 14 but I got him back on track before he faulted. I wasn't even sure of that until I was told that the judge had not called any faults. The Standard course time for mini dogs was 44 seconds and Beckett ran it in a time of 35.88 seconds, 4.43 yards per second. Not as fast as last weekend at AARF, but if you consider the extra yardage he did maybe it was about the same.

Beckett just got his last Advanced Jumpers in Nov 2011 and has only been in five trials at the Masters level, so I'm really proud of him for getting the Masters title.

Master Jumpers was Ceilidh's first Masters title too, maybe he did it for her. I'd like to think so.


  1. Congrutulations! That was a very tricky Masters Jumpers Course (well, from the paper version). What a great weekend!

  2. Great job you two! What a great accomplishment, in such a short period of time.

  3. Way to go Beckett! Congratulations! Sounds like you are a pawsome jumper!

  4. Awesome! That sure looked like a twisty, tricky course. Congrats on Beckett's shiny new Masters title! Love the tie-in to Ceilidh.

    Now if Tucker will just share some of his gambling prowess with Beckett, you will be all set.

    As for the Steeplechase, I would have thought that once he ran past the plan of the last jump he would have crossed the finish line and the timer would have stopped the clock manually. I always thought that the finish line became active once the second last obstacle is taken. So, regardless of the backjump there would have been no Q? I'm not totally sure though.

    Does Beckett get a new frisbee for his title? :-)

    1. Well, the rules say nothing about the finish line but they do say an off-course is 20 faults. But it doesn't really matter except for placement, he wasn't fast enough to even make up the 10 faults.

      Beckett just got two new frisbees this week, when I found them at Zellers for $6.


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