Monday, April 23, 2012

True Colours - Polka-dots

This week's True Colours Challenge was to find one item with polka-dots of each of the colours.

I thought it would be very hard but I guess given the time of year and because I made it my goal to watch for things every time I was out shopping; it wasn't all that hard.

First is red and white polka-dots. The red mixing bowl, I happened upon in Home Sense and the blouse that is part of my own wardrobe. If you can't tell what the other item is, they are cupcake papers; this photo was taken in Micheal's a craft store. Micheal's proved to be a treasure-trove of polka-dot items.


Next, up is light blue, here I was lucky as Easter items were still to be found in many stores.

Craft Ribbon
Both of these pictures were taken in Micheal's and you can see also my purple polka-dot Easter basket in behind the blue one.

My green polka-dot items were also found in Micheal's, again craft ribbon and lined baskets.

Black polka-dot items, I thought might be harder to find. After all, who would want a black polka-dot Easter basket but I did find some items. Black polka-dots look kind of blurry, but this photo of a ladies blouse taken with my SmartPhone. This photo was taken at a discount department store called Giant Tiger, sometimes people call it the GT Boutique.

I also found black polka-dot flowers at Micheal's

For yellow polka-dots, I was back to Easter baskets.

Then I got a a little snap happy, as I said Micheal's craft store was a wealth of polka dots so here are some of the any other coloured dots I found.



Last but not least, I nearly had a hole-in-one at Micheal's when I found a shelves full of ceramic flower pots. But you be the judge, they very nearly match the True Colors swatch, just no black and orange instead of yellow.


Who knew there would be so many polka-dots out there. I certainly didn't!


  1. OMG, I need to go to Michaels!!!!!

    Love the polka dot flowers and pots.

    Michaels should pay you for writing this~great advertising!

  2. That is an incredible lot of spots - you did brilliantly :)

  3. Great job! Loved the flower pots with dots. Wouldn't that have been great if you found a black and yellow one too. You could have lined them all up in order!!!!! Oh, seeing all the Easter baskets made mommy remember she was supposed to go out and look for new Easter Baskets for the kids for next year. She will have to go to Michaels and see if they still have any left! Thanks for reminding her! You did great with the Polka Dot Challenge!!!

  4. Oh wow, you did a fantastic job!! I like all your crafty finds!

  5. Although Reilly & co are back from OZ, they've not updated 'Colours, so no challenge for this week!
    I'm going to post re my, the original TCT meme's original colour, surprise, surprise Blue. There's no twists.
    Thought I'd give you the chance to play along with me - it's short notice as was waiting on Reilly :)


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