Wednesday, April 11, 2012

True Colours - Gingham

This week's True Colours Challenge was to find articles that not only were gingham check but also blue or yellow. I have to say it was a really tough challenge so some, maybe most, of my items are gingham-esque.

My first item is a blouse that I have. It has floral embroidery over the blue gingham check, but maybe it's actually a plaid. Does anyone really know the difference between plaid and gingham?

My next choices were all taken at the grocery store with my Smart Phone.  I thought perhaps because we are all thinking about summer that some of the picnic items might be gingham but it seems that floral patterns and spring green are the in-thing for this year.  I did find these napkins, although the pattern on them is really a basket weave.

I did find one item that had a gingham pattern but it wasn't really the colours I wanted as the green seems to be the predominant colour although there is blue and yellow in the pattern. And if you can't tell what it is; it's an ironing board cover, it was hard to get a good photo with the loose plastic packaging.

The other items I found have the colours I wanted but not the pattern so as I said they are gingham-esque.

Ladies summer flats

I hope you all had better luck than me finding gingham in blue and yellow. We had fun looking though.


  1. Gingham is hard to find these days.

    One of Oreo's ribbons is blue gingham. But, I can't think of anything else....

  2. I had to look - you get the most interesting colours on this task - I had no idea what gingham was :)

  3. You did better than I did. I totally flunked out on the yellow and white!

    Love ya lots,

  4. OH I like that ironing board pattern! Nice choices!

  5. Love the term gingham-esque!
    Think you covered it really well, and I definately want that shirt :)

    Re the difference between gingham & plaid - think that gingham strictly should be just white with one other colour, while plaid combines many colours to form a pattern as in a tarten.

  6. I just think that you are amazing! I was trying to look for some ginghams at home but I don't think I can find anything at all.

  7. Those are great finds and I agree with blue - that is a terrific term - gighmam-esque

  8. Great pictures! I almost took a picture of our ironing board too -- but it was more gray than blue!

  9. Now that is a challenge! So neat to see all the different kinds of colours/colour patterns out there; I hadn't really thought about it before.


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