Wednesday, April 4, 2012

True Colours - Red and White Stripes

Well this week's colour is red and white stripes. I hope the stripes don't exactly have to be straight lines.

We had to dig into our Christmas decorations. Our first selection is candy cane ornaments we have for our tree. They are plastic and are good to hang down low as little inquisitive dogs can't break them.

Candy Canes
Our next selection is some of Beckett's qualifying score ribbons that he got last weekend. In the Agility Association of Canada, a Qualifying score ribbon has to be red and white.

Beckett's ribbons
The next selection I chose is of my favourite soft drink.

Things go better with Coke!
And lastly, how could I not show our Canadian pride?

But Beckett was just a bit upset when he heard last week was black and white stripe day.

You know as a bi-black Shetland Sheepdog, he likes black and white just a little bit so he wanted me to show you his favourite black and white toys. The tiger that he inherited from Ceilidh and the zebra that was his "gotcha" day toy, for his first day at home with Ceilidh, Tucker and me.

Beckett's toys


  1. We immediately thought Christmas candy canes too! Nice job!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Oh I love your ribbons!! Nice job!

  3. Great finds! Why didn't we do the American Flag to match your Canadian one -- oh well! Love the ribbons too! And the can of coke is making mom really thirsty! Good job!

  4. Well how clever are you - what great finds! And yes - the flag is perfect :)

  5. A great game with beautiful pictures!

  6. Candy Canes have been a real godsend this week!
    Congrats to Becket re his Agility ribbons & what a perfect time to win them too.

  7. Yes, you must include Beckett in the black and white week. : )


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