Friday, March 5, 2010

Bogart - 9 Aug 1995 to 5 Mar 2010

A very dear friend had to let her Westie, Bogart go on to Rainbow Bridge today. Bogart was over 14 years old but no matter how long they are in our lives it is never long enough.
Colette had taken Bogie, as he was called, to the vet earlier in the week as he had not been eating. With some IV fluids, he was able to eat a little and seemed to perk up for a little bit. Colette was able to have him home with her yesterday but this morning the look on Bogie's face told Colette it was time to let him go.
He joins his brother-before Darcy and my two Sheltie angels, Duffy and Gryffon, now all waiting for us at the Bridge.

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