Sunday, March 7, 2010

Red Gate Fun

Yesterday, 6 Mar 2010 we went to Red Gate Arena for an agility fun trial. It was the first time we had run agility, other than a few practice sessions in the basement, since Ceilidh's surgery to remove a Mast Cell tumour. It was a beautiful day for March, sunny with a high of about 9 degrees C. It was also the anniversary of Red Gate's opening so there was cake for everyone, well for the people at any rate.

I was pleased with Tucker, he ran fairly well, especially once he realized there were treats in the ring. He did the A-frame without hesitation in one direction but would have nothing to do with it going in the other direction.

Beckett was there as a spectator and although I didn't get him out as much as I planned, he did get to meet many other people and dogs. He also figured out that he could jump over the back of the seat and into the trunk area of my SUV; no more leaving the tail gate open now.

Ceilidh did the two Gamble runs and had a great time. Her contacts were solid and while she didn't get the Gamble, you could see her learning to flip away from the jump to the A-frame each time we did the main Gamble. The problems she had going to the tunnel were likely due to my handling but I was pleased however that she worked fairly well at a distance. And, of course, I was very happy to see her so active and alive. Enjoy every day!


  1. I smiled all the way through that video. Ceilidh looked wonderful, just like I remember seeing her in the fall. Great job with that out-tunnel too, and the flip from the jump to the frame, she was really picking it up there.

    Here's hoping Team at DF doesn't have a frame or a dogwalk on both sides! Walter refused to get on the dogwalk both times I asked him to at Guides Canins. Sigh.

  2. Thanks Lisa, I was smiling too. She seemed so happy to be out playing. She's never been much of a tugger, ball chaser or into any roughhousing with me so agility is our play time.


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