Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ceilidh's Journey - Week 7

This week I had a scare when I came home on Wednesday to find that Ceilidh had had diarrhea and had vomited bile. The diarrhea had some blood in it. I cleaned everything all up and called the animal hospital, the vet tech advised me to take her off Palladia and she would speak to Dr Bravo the oncologist on Friday. On Thursday, Ceilidh again had diarrhea but there was no blood in it and she hadn't vomitted. Ceilidh is now on an anti diarrhea medication and if she doesn't have any diarrhea over the weekend, she will have her next dose of Palladia on Monday. Her stomach must have been very upset as she didn't want to eat much at all, even the poached chicken that I had made. Today, she ate much better. I bought her some high protein kibble and some high protein wet dog food. I also bought a bunch of stuff to entice her to take her pills or to eat a bit for the next time anything like this happens, canned salmon, sardines and pate.

Today, I started to get my agility equipment out of the shed. It was a bit nippy today so I didn't get it all out and I really want to rake the lawn first. And in any case, I'll be going home this week to visit with my parents for Easter so there wouldn't be that much time to use it before I go anyway. I hope Ceilidh is alright while I'm gone and that Juanita and Joe don't have any problems. I hate the idea of missing any time with her each day is so important now.

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