Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ceilidh's Journey - Week 5

This week has been a good one. The reduction of the doseage of Prednisone has seen a lessening of the side effects that Ceilidh was having; she is less aggressive with Beckett, has fewer incidents of incontinence and seems to be more of her perky self. I have noticed that she has changes in appetite, things she'll eat one day, she turns her nose up the next.

We also went to our first agility trial this Saturday, 13 Mar 2010 at Morning Star in Kingston. It was our first trial since Nov and, in Jan, I would have said that the Nov trial was also her last. She ran for the first time a Veteran dog. While her first run wasn't fast, she did fine, only popping the last weave. Her second standard run earned her a qualifying score. She did beautifully even though my front cross between jumps was late. She made all of her contacts but in her last two Stds had difficulty with the weaves. She was quite tired that night, as was I, so I was glad we had only entered on Saturday.

She had surgery to remove a mast cell tumour on 21 Jan 2010. You can see in the video where she was shaved for surgery. Her fur is taking a while to grow back but at least she is black all over now. We are enjoying all the little things together.

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