Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was just looking at old photos of my first Sheltie Duffy and my first bi-black Gryffon. I thought I would post their baby pictures. It's funny how it's the little things you remember, I remember the first time I saw both of my boys. Duffy was only 5 1/2 weeks old and the breeder was just getting them accustomed to the outside. All of Duffy's brothers and sisters trundled off to explore the world but Duffy stayed and pulled on my shoe laces. I hadn't picked a puppy at that time but that made my choice, Duffy picked me.

Gryffon was one of two pups in his litter that hadn't been yet adopted; his sister was more outgoing but Gryffon had markings I had always dreamed of, a full white collar and blaze. I picked Gryffon.

No matter how long they are with us; it is never long enough. I had Duffy with me for 12 1/2 years but I lost Gryffon at only 7 1/2 years as result of an abdominal wall infection. They are never far from my thoughts and are always in my heart.

My friend Colette also lost her first Westie, Darcy unexpectedly. She recently lost her second Westie, Bogart (Bogie) at 14 1/2 years old.

Duffy and Darcy were the best of buds. They were both great dogs and they were bilingual, too. Colette even brought Darcy to visit with Duffy in Moncton NB while I was posted in England.

I wish that we had them with us longer but at least we have such wonderful memories. They are such a big part of our lives, those who have never loved an animal cannot understand the place they have in our hearts.

From the first time you hold them, they steal a piece of your heart.

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  1. Helen, your writing style is beautiful. I really enjoy it. Also really enjoyed those puppy photos and getting to know more about your first shelties.


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