Friday, March 5, 2010

Ceilidh's Journey - Week 4

Ceilidh had her second recheck today, 5 Mar 2010 with Dr Bravo, the oncologist at Alta Vista Animal Hospital. Ceilidh had maintained her weight; last time she had lost 0.3 kgs in two weeks. At this recheck, they did blood work which came back as normal. Dr Bravo kept Ceilidh's chemotherapy medications at the same dosage but did reduce the amount of Prednisone she is getting as Ceilidh had been showing some aggression to my puppy Beckett and had become incontinent when she slept. I have also noticed some change in her appetite which might be due to a little nausea or maybe her jaw is painful as it was her kibble and sweet potato treats that she stopped eating. I found her some softer jerky treats and am now putting liquid in her kibble and warming it up. I have also added some cottage cheese to her diet as it is a natural anti-histamine and soothes the stomach as well. Our next recheck will be the Friday after Easter, 9 Apr 2010. Hopefully, we will have no new bumps or lumps to worry about during that time.

Tomorrow we are going to an agility fun trial. Ceilidh will get to do two Gamble runs. The first real agility she's done since Nov. Next weekend, we will go to an agility trial where Ceilidh will get to do her first runs as a Veteran agility dog.

Our next steps will be to slowly change her diet to a grain-free kibble and to make an appointment to see the holistic vet, Dr Beltran at Blair Animal Hospital.

We are guardedly optimistic now that we will be able to compete at Regionals and enjoy a wonderful summer together.

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