Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ceilidh's Journey - Week 6

Today, marks two months from the date of Ceilidh's surgery to remove a mast cell tumour. We are starting to come to grips with dealing with the possibility that the cancer will return or that she will develop serious side effects from the chemotherapy drugs. But today was not a day to dwell on those things, it was a day to play agility with her and to see her energetic and happy.

Tucker has a bit of lameness so we pulled him from his events and ran in his place Ceilidh today. That meant she ran six runs, two Gamble, two Standard, one Snooker and one Team. Her first Gamble, she did the opening nicely even doing the mini, a jump, tunnel layered with the dogwalk back out to a jump but, after doing the teeter, she wouldn't go out to the second obstacle, a jump in the main gamble and it wasn't even the distance obstacle. Her second Gamble, was beautiful, she wouldn't do the mini but the main Gamble was made for her. The first obstacle (no refusals) was also the distance obstacle, a tunnel under the dog walk, back over the jump which she had seen in the mini in the first Gamble, then six weaves just 6' from the line where I was on the offside, followed by two jumps. Ceilidh completed the course in 58.27 seconds. As a mini Vet she had a course time of 65 seconds so she was well under time. Popped weaves and missed contacts cost us our Snooker and Standard but she had a good time. Our team run was very nice, if you don't count the off-course, and for the first time in the day, she completed 12 weaves.

I'm hoping that the weather will be nice enough this week that we'll be able to get our agility equipment out.

Ceilidh's next appointment with the oncologist is on 9 Apr and on 15 Apr we'll be taking her to see the holistic vet. I hope he'll be able to give me some help with diet and supplements.

While Tucker went to visit his Westie cousin Toby, Beckett came with us today as a spectator. He enjoyed his time with a little more attention from me than he got last weekend. I don't know people run three dogs.

It was a wonderful day, hopefully there will be many more.

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