Sunday, February 5, 2012

Masters Q ..... Not Quite Yet

Yesterday, Beckett, Tucker and I went to the Absolute Agility Trial in Spencerville which is about an hour away from home. It's a nice place to trial as the crating area is big and heated so that's why Tucker came along as a spectator. The facility is located on a fairgrounds and as the weather was very nice, we also had fun roaming around and playing Frisbee.

Beckett was entered in five events, two Standards, one Gamblers, one Steeplechase and one Jumpers.  In his first Standard, Beckett had two refusals, missed his weaves and had an off course which led to an elimination. In Gamblers, our opening was nice and we got 33 opening points,  you need 28 points in Masters Gamblers to Q so we were all right there. The mini gamble was tunnel, A-frame, tunnel  layered with the weaves. The A-frame is kind of our nemesis right now so we didn't try it as a mini just ran the obstacles. We didn't get the main gamble which was tunnel, teeter, tire, jump; again the tunnel went under the dog walk and you had to turn the dog nearly180 degrees back onto the teeter which was just past the entry of the dog walk.  I hesitated as I didn't want to turn Beckett too soon and he missed the teeter and once he came out too far, I couldn't get him back. Our Steeplechase was nice but two A-frames caused us to be over time. Jumpers at the end of a long day was kind of a train wreck but he did do some parts of it very nicely.
Masters Gamblers - Judge: John Willis
Our best run of the day was the second Masters Standard. Beckett ran beautifully. His turn into the tunnel after jump 10  and 16 were incredible. From my perspective (although you can't see it in the video), he turned into the tunnel at the last possible second. I'm not sure how he even did it and stayed on his feet. Unfortunately, he didn't collect enough in the weaves and hit the third pole and popped out. I didn't notice at the time that he back-weaved, I thought he had skipped a pole, so erroneously posted on Facebook that it was his first non-elimination Masters Standard. But that's okay, it was a great run and we'll get those Q's sooner than later, I'm sure. He had a time of 64.19 seconds on this run with a course time of 66 seconds, so with a faster A-frame and a good set of weaves we would have been well under time.

Masters Standard - Judge: John Willis

I'm very happy with Beckett, he loves to play agility and he's great fun to run. And he does make me run.


  1. It sounds like you two are having fun and are a great team.

  2. Boy there were some tricky tunnel entrances! Good job you two!

  3. Good work!!

    :) it will certainly come ...


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