Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Gate Fun

The temperatures hovered comfortably around freezing all last week, wouldn't you know it though, this weekend we are in back in a deep freeze. And, of course, it was time for Red Gate's fun match. I left Tucker home with one of my neighbours to check in on him; I didn't want to have him out in the cold all day. As it turned out it wasn't all that bad inside the arena. We had another sunny calm day so it warmed up inside the arena and with the days starting to get longer it was even comfortable at the end of the afternoon.

The runs yesterday were a Standard and a Steeplechase; only our first Steeplechase run was videoed. Our second Steeplechase run was perfect, always helps to have a  practice run. But Beckett did just fine the first time around too. A lot of dogs missed the very last jump as they were turning back into their handlers rather than moving forward. I thought I would really have to run when I saw the course map for this Steeplechase but it wasn't too bad. In any case, we only ran it once each time and then played some Frisbee. Even though Beckett loves agility, I'm sure that he really enjoyed that as Frisbee is his passion.

Weather forecast are for the temperature's to rise back again to above freezing by Wednesday, wouldn't you just know it.  Next weekend, we have no agility as our classes end today too.  What will I do??  Oh wait, I could do some housecleaning, or some painting.


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