Monday, February 13, 2012

Mishmash Monday

Tried to get a picture of Beckett with some of his little buddies at Red Gate this weekend. This was about the best of the many pictures I took. Most were just blurry as Beckett and his friends were moving too much, circling, jumping or pulling on the leash. You get the picture. I'd love to be able to take great action shots but it's just not my forte.


  1. Always the problem - doggies move so much faster then the camera shutter :)

  2. Love it!

    I think it is hard to take photos of dogs when they are on a leash. Maybe they are too close for a good shot?

    Love Beckett's friend - is that a mini pincher? I'd love one of those,but they are hard to find without docked tails and cropped ears around here :(


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