Thursday, February 23, 2012

True Colors - Pearl Grey

This week's True Colour is Pearl Grey.  I didn't have much of a problem finding pearl grey except that I didn't think all of my stainless steel appliances should count; once I decided that it was a little more difficult.

First is a piece of art that I bought for my mother one Christmas. It's a winter scene of a village church done on ceramic. The frame is also pearl grey.

My printer, which is right beside me as I type this, is also partly pearl grey. My last selection is made of metal but I think it still counts.  It's a beer stein that, in the military, was often given as a departure gift when you were posted from one unit to another. It's not the stein but rather the crest on it that made this my third selection for pearl grey.

It's the crest of the 5th Canadian Brigade Group, notice the roman numeral five under the lion. The motto "Allons-Y" translates as "Go There" which signifies the willingness of the men and women who serve in the Brigade to go where they are most needed, to the four corners of the world if need be (note the compass arrows around the lion).

And my photos of the twist, I have to admit come from the idea that Reilly and Denny's Mum had, they are just photos taken in our backyard.

Tucker and Beckett in the backyard

One of the maple trees in the yard, unfortunately, not sugar maples.
If you haven't tried the True Colours challenge yet, give it a shot. It makes you look at the world a little more closely and it's fun to see what everyone else has found.


  1. those are all wonderful finds....I noticed a lot of electrical type things have a mixture of silver and dove gray....that is what I found when searching for items - thanks for playing along and seeing the colors of our world

  2. Great photos! We were thinking of trying out this pearl grey photo shoot, butt we looked high and low and couldn't find that color. We found silver butt not grey. I like the examples you came up with -- we need to look harder next time. I think we will give the next one a try. Tucker and Beckett look like they are enjoying sitting in the snow.

  3. they are so interesting ... neat to see how the mind works when faced with a puzzle!


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