Thursday, February 2, 2012

True Colours - Terra Cotta

Fredericton City Hall Collectible
Okay, this week's colour was a little difficult. I thought I would have lots of terra cotta since I like earth colours but I didn't find many items around the house.

The first item really might be considered brick red but what the heck. It's my Katherine Karnes Munn collectible of the city hall in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

City Hall, Fredericton, New Brunswick

The next item I chose is a painting I got from what I call "a starving artist sale". It's a one day art show and they have all kinds of canvases painted by art students. You can also buy frames and they will frame the painting for you right at the show. The frames usually cost more than the paintings.  Most of the oil painting I have in the house come from shows like this.

I liked the painting because it was of horses. Also because the painting style was unique; the gold outline around the horses and warriors is all raised like embossing. But best of all the colours tied in the new fire place mantle and stonework that I had just had installed.

Lastly, there was the twist. I thought I had a terra cotta pot and I did, but as you can see in the picture that pot is no longer terra cotta in colour. I had to go to hardware store to buy a terra cotta pot. They are cheap but not a lot selection in mid winter. What to put in my terra cotta pot that was unusual. Can you guess what they are?

Did you guess? They are my collection of glass swizzle sticks. I have 13 different pairs, coke bottles, Scottie dogs, top hats and candy canes just to name a few. They are hard to find now as more and more people drink wine or beer, so usually what you find are wine charms or those elastic bands for beer bottles and vodka coolers.

I had fun with the challenge this week.


  1. those are all awesome finds....I especially love that painting and love your collection of swizzle sticks too

  2. Cool! I recognize the painting (of course!) and the swizzle sticks, but I don't remember seeing the city hall -- where is it? I'll look for it next time I'm there.

    1. It's usually in the living room so you probably haven't noticed it. I staged the shot with it on the plant stand by the fireplace

  3. Really like the painting, it's very striking - what a good idea the 'starving artist' sale is. The local art group here has an annual sale but the prices ...

    TY for visiting me


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