Wednesday, February 15, 2012

True Colours - Aqua

Alright, I said I was going to post earlier so here it is my True Colours - Aqua blog post. Aqua wasn't too hard to find, at last, one colour that I didn't have to struggle to find.

Caithness Glass paperweight

My first selection is one of my Caithness Glass paperweights. I think they are so cool. While I was in the military I was posted to England and when I was there I had the opportunity to vacation in Scotland. On my vacation, one of the places I visited was the Caithness Glass factory. I bought a glass bowl at the factory with two dogs, that look like Shelties to me, playing ball etched into it. I also bought a number of limited edition paperweights mostly at the American PX as their prices were so good.

Cheerios Thomas the Tank Engine
My second choice is a Cherrios Thomas the Tank Engine that my Dad got by sending in box tops from Cheerios cereal boxes. He got me one as well but a little black dog, named Beckett, chewed mine badly; so I gave away the engine which was still in pretty good shape. When my Dad passed away last year, it was one of his things that I decided to keep.

Ceilidh Starter Games and Advanced Games Dog Title ribbons
And my third choice, but it's not the least important to me, are Ceilidh's Starter and Advanced Games ribbons. Funny that they were both earned at the same agility club. Ceilidh loved agility and started off getting her Starter Agility Dog title in just 5 months, but these two titles took another 2 and half years to acheive. She was so exuberant that she often missed the yellow on her contacts and popped out of her weaves usually incurring either course faults or time faults. But we had fun. At the time of her passing, we only needed 6 more qualifying scores for her Agility Trial Championship. She managed to whittle that down from 10 after returning to agility following surgery to remove a Mast Cell tumour.

And some of my also rans.

Blue Jay from my Ty Teeny Beanie Baby collection

Liqueur glasses

Another starving artist painting

And my twist on the twist is water in one of it's solid forms; an ice sculpture taken downtown at Confederation Park. It's Winterlude here in Ottawa right now. The ice carving and judging take place the first weekend of Winterlude. I stopped on my way home last Friday to see the sculptures and take pictures. It's been rather warm (around freezing) here so unfortunately some of the more delicate sculptures had melted or broken.

Ice sculpture bear
Inuit and an Elk


Norse Warrior and horse

And how could I show pictures of water in its solid form without showing you the World's Longest Skating Rink, the Rideau Canal Skate-way. The rink is seven kilometers long going from the Ottawa river locks to Dows Lake. The actual canal is much longer that that.

Rideau Canal Skate-way
Skaters on the Canal
Next time you're in Ottawa, I'll take you to have a beavertail on the canal. If you don't know what a beavertail is; you don't know what you're missing.


  1. Thanks so much for showing the photos of the canal! Oreo's acupuncturist was just telling me about that (her husband is from Ottawa). They went there on New Year's. It's so pretty!

  2. What amazing finds...that paper weight is just beautiful and the thomas tank is such a cool collective piece. The ice sculptures are amazing...we used to see the one one up in Minnesota.

  3. What a beautiful collections you have collected, Helen!

    The canal is gorgeous! I wish I know how to skate!

    1. Priscilla, I hardly know how to skate myself and I live here. Eating a Beavertail and watching the skaters is fun too. A Beavertail is a sweet fried pastry and they put all kinds of toppings on it, warm blueberries or chocolate.


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